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About the Nexus Repository

Window 3 involves the consolidation of knowledge through documentation and analysis of nexus activities, such as regional consultations, pilot projects, field-testing and a biennial Dresden Nexus Conference. This analysis will generate important insights relating to needs assessments, gap analysis and overlaps in a cost-effective manner. The ambition of the Nexus Observatory will be to empower decision-makers by providing them with a harmonised collection of new and existing data sets on resources nexus based on case studies hosted on portals of Nexus Observatory Partners (NOP's). The Nexus Repository will foster connectivity with the Blended Learning Window through analysis that links course proposals and questions to thematic challenges of UN agencies.

Nexus platform

Analysis (documents and videos) nexus observatory workshops, Proposal writing workshops and sessions of the Dresden Nexus Conference


The Nexus Laboratory Window will employ tools classified in Window 1 to perform analysis on data sets organised in Window 3.

Tailor made curriculum

Videos and documents by title

Nexus roundtable

  • Pilot projects
  • Internships

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