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About Blended Learning

Window 2 of the Nexus Observatory will host the Blended Learning Platform. The Blended Learning Platform will focus on consolidating knowledge that emerges from teaching and learning activities that relate to:

  • classroom or face-to-face teaching,
  • thematic online courses and
  • tailor made training programmes that respond to demands of decision-makers, practitioners and students with an interest in the planning and management of environmental resources.
The classroom teaching component could be defined by mandatory courses offered as part of the UNU-FLORES & Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) joint doctoral programme on integrated management of environmental resources or specially designed workshops (country specific or regional) as part of a tailor made training programme. Discussions on ECTS credit transfer can be undertaken as part of this framework. Integrating blended learning into the Nexus Observatory permits the formation of synergies between its four Windows. In this way the Blended Learning Platform advances the nexus approach through transdisciplinary approaches that promote robust interfaces between education, research and policy dialogue.

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